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Mindfulness Meditation Classes 2019

taught by Stephen Procter

Questions? Call Stephen on PH: 0466 531 023 or Send a Message

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My Mindfulness meditation classes include a different topic on meditation each week plus interactive exercises to not only teach you how to meditate but also aiding you to understand how to overcome hindrances to your meditation practice and how to incorporate Mindfulness into your daily life

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Meditation Class Passes Available

Casual class = $15
5 class pass = $70 ($14ea)
10 class pass = $120 ($12ea)

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Quality Mindfulness Meditation Classes

New to meditation? You are welcome to join a class, no experience is neccessary. For all meditation classes chairs are provided. If you wish to sit on the floor some cushions and mats are available, you are welcome to bring your own.

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MENAI - Monday 7 - 8pm:

Menai Community Centre
Allison Street, Menai Meeting Room, Menai
Class cost $15 (With 10 class pass $12)

CRONULLA - Thursday 10 - 11am

Cronulla Central Community Centre
Hall 2, 38 - 60 Croydon St, Cronulla
Class cost $15 (With 10 class pass $12)

CRONULLA - Thursday 7 - 8pm:

Cronulla Central Community Centre
Meeting Room 1, 38 - 60 Croydon St, Cronulla
Class cost $15 (With 10 class pass $12)

**No Booking Needed for Menai & Cronulla Classes** Venue Maps

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KIRRAWEE - Monday 12.00 - 1.15pm:

21 Serpentine Road Kirrawee
Class cost $15 (With 10 class pass $12)

KIRRAWEE - Wednesday 12 - 1.15pm:

21 Serpentine Road Kirrawee
Class cost $15 (With 10 class pass $12)

KIRRAWEE - Friday 10 - 11am:

21 Serpentine Road Kirrawee
Class cost $15 (With 10 class pass $12)


**Quiet, private meditation hall**
**Small class size - seating Chair, Meditation mat or Lying down**
- No experience neccessary, full instruction provided**

**Book your spot on PH: 0466 531 023 or Send a Message

Small class size - 21 Serpentine Road Kirrawee, NSW

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Private Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

meditation hall

** Private Meditation Classes

*Busy Working? *School Student?
Learn to Relax, Relieve Stress, Increase Concentration.

** Private Meditation Lessons

*Learn How to Meditate at a Time that Suits You

** Personal Meditation Guidance

*Guidance on How to Develop Your Meditation Practice.

Why not book your own private Mindfulness Meditation Session at a time and day to suit you: $70 1hr + $15 per extra person.

call Stephen Procter on PH: 0466 531 023 or Message Me: Send a Message

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Qi Gong Health Classes

2 Avenel Rd, Gymea Bay NSW. Tuesdays 10.15am $15

Want to feel energised, relaxed, stay healthy and heal yourself? If so then a regular Mindfulness of Movement Qi Gong Health Class may be just what you are looking for. Mindfulness of Movement is the practice of increasing awareness of the alignment of your body through combining Mindful breathing, movement and mind for exercise, healing and meditation.

Through using postures (stationary or moving), breathing techniques and mind you can build up awareness of the flow of Qi (energy / life force) within yourself and also learn to ajust your bodies alignment and balance to remove physical pain that comes from incorrect posture . With practice you learn how to sense, build up and flow the Qi energy through your body, eliminating blockages and to correct imbalances in the alignment of your body.

Class Information
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Tai Chi Health Classes

Sutherland, Tuesdays 7.30pm & Engadine, Fridays 11.30am

When performed properly Tai Chi will aid in the improvement of your overall health and wellbeing - this is what I want to share with you.

Tai Chi is often described as a moving meditation because of the mental and physical relaxation it produces when practiced. It uses gentle slow circular movements, combined with deep breathing and concentration to create a low impact aerobic exercise that emphasises proper body mechanics aiding in over all health. Relaxation of both your mind and body plays an important part when performing Tai Chi.

Once you learn to relax the movements have a gentle natural flow to them which is very pleasant to experience. Physical discomfort diminishes and mental worries drift away, everything functions the way it should. Aligning deep breathing with mentally following the movements and proper body mechanics you will relax both mentally and physically allowing your body to naturally regain health.

Class Information