MIDL: Anxiety Softening Room


How to Lower Your Anxiety

You can lower your experience of anxiety by follow two simple steps:
STEP 1: Retrain your breathing patterns to diaphragmatic breathing.
STEP 2: Practice Stillness Meditation daily to allow your mind to rest.

Retrain Your Breathing Patterns

Retraining Your Breathing

Many of the symptoms of anxiety arise due to the stress response disengaging the diaphragm from the process of respiration. Re-engagement of the diaphragm in autonomous breathing switches off chest hyperventilation and allows depleted C02 levels to rebalance.
This results in a decrease in anxiety symptoms such as hyperventilation, tightness of chest, mental dullness, agitation and restlessness which make us defensive and affects our social interactions with others.

Allow Healing Within Stillness

Resting Within Stillness

This is a very simple and beautiful practice of sitting still and allowing relaxation to go deeply into our muscles. We then mentally feel this deep physical relaxation allowing it to enter our mind.
This process challenges and gradually removes the physical and mental armours produced by our mind and through repetition the mind gradually allows the relaxation to access deeper levels of defencelessness.
The process continues until all defensive armour is removed and safety is experienced within the stillness of the mind itself. This then also reflects as a lowering of all defensive behaviours and anxieties within our daily life.

Personal 'Softening Training'

Personal Mindfulness 'Softening Training'
is available in person in Kirrawee, Sydney and also via Skype video sessions at $70hr. I can be contacted regarding these on

PH / Text: 0466 531 023

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